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"Associated Press - London (8/13/09) The Jamaicans Without Ganja Foundation in Kingston, JM has sadly reported the passing of Bunny Sugar Bear, a founding member of the international reggae band "Acid Dub." Bear was found lying face up with an eerie grin on his face, underneath an overhang on the porch of his Trenchtown residence.

A closed casket was required as the rusty water dripping off the tin roof of the shack stained his face to the point that only his grin made him recognizable to local authorities. Reggae fans staged vigils around the globe playing Acid Dub songs like Dub Dub and Trip Factor on loudspeakers in public squares. Acid Dub co-founder Samokem Bigg issued the following statement to the press; "We called him Sugar Bear because of how the dandruff on his dreadlocks would sparkle in the tropical sun like a shimmering bud of ganja. Acid Dub will go on in his memory. Long live the legend Bunny Sugar Bear!"